Purchasing, Bids & Solicitations

The Purchasing Office procures goods, services, and construction in accordance with applicable codes and policies. The Office aggressively pursues the use of national, state, and local contracts to acquire goods and services at the best available prices. The Office:

  • Administers maintenance and service agreements
  • Approves contracts and purchase orders
  • Assists departments with preparing specifications and monitoring vendor performance
  • Develops manuals, checklists, and procedural documents for purchasing
  • Manages the solicitation processes
  • Provides purchasing training to staff
  • Supplies services to the City of Falls Church Public Schools for complex projects

The Purchasing Office's operating procedures are governed by, among other authority, the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia,  the Virginia Public Procurement Act, and the Falls Church City Code. See the Solicitations & Awards page for current opportunities, requirements, and to sign up for text or email notifications.

Formal solicitations are advertised on our website and on the Commonwealth of Virginia's eVA Procurement Portal www.eva.virginia.gov 

The City does not maintain a list of approved vendors.  The eVA portal also serves as the City's bidders list.

Solicitation Procedures

  • $10,000 or Less: No competition required or at the discretion of the Purchasing Office.
  • Over $10,000: Written competition required.
  • For formal solicitations: Competitive Sealed Bid or Request for Proposal process required.
  • Formal Solicitations for procurements must be advertised for a minimum of 10 calendar days prior to the closing dates.

Competitive Processes

All formal procurements require the use of the Sealed Competitive Bid or Competitive Negotiation process. Choice of process will be determined in accordance with state law, local City Code, and the needs of the City of Falls Church.

A Competitive Sealed Bid is awarded on the basis of the lowest price from a responsive and responsible bidder. A Competitive Negotiation Proposal is awarded through best value evaluation of a technical and price proposal or through an evaluation of a technical proposal and negotiation of price.


Prebid / pre-proposal conferences may be utilized to provide the interested vendor with the opportunity to get an understanding of the solicitation’s objectives and details, ask questions, and view the site if applicable.

Prebid / pre-proposal conferences may be mandatory or non-mandatory.  We strongly urge vendors to attend such conferences when offered.