Appeals Process

Basis for Appeals

If you believe your assessment is incorrect:
  1. Consider whether your property could be sold for the assessed value on January 1 of the assessed year. If you believe that you could not sell your property for an amount reasonably equal to your assessment, you may wish to file an appeal.
  2. Verify that the Assessor has your property described correctly by checking the online property information database. Please call 703-248-5107 (TTY 711) or email the Assessment Office with the correct information. After the new information is verified, the property record will be changed. The updated property record characteristic data may or may not change the assessed value of your property.
  3. Check the assessments of properties located in your general area that have physical features similar to your own home. If they are not reasonably comparable, you may wish to file an appeal.
The process for filing an appeal is relatively simple. It is important to include the basis for your appeal and the information that you believe, if considered by the Real Estate Assessment Office, may change your assessed value.

Residential Properties

For residential properties, you should provide sales information that demonstrates the assessment is not at its fair market value; or similar properties that are assessed at a value that is not similar. Simply saying the increase in value is too much in a single year or the percentage increase is different from other properties is not a basis for appeal.

The Assessment Office is available to discuss your assessment and how it was derived. In most cases, receipt of an appeal is acknowledged in writing. In all cases, the Assessment Office's determination on an appeal is communicated to the property owner or their agent in writing.

Commercial / Income Properties

For commercial or income-producing properties, the appropriate income and expense survey form must be filed with the Assessment Office. If you need assistance or are not sure whether we have received your income information, please call 703-248-5107 (TTY 711) or email the office.

If an agent is filing an appeal on your behalf, the assessment office requires a signed and notarized letter of authorization from the property owner stating the relationship of the agent to the property owner, and granting the agent the authority to represent the property owner. This letter of authorization must be on file each tax year before any official information is provided to the agent.