What is the Stormwater Enterprise Fund?
A new stormwater utility fee and stormwater enterprise fund was included as part of the adopted Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Plan in order to provide a stable, dedicated funding for the city’s stormwater management program. The revenue generated by the utility fee cannot be used for purposes beyond those identified for the stormwater management program - both operating and capital project budget. Creating an enterprise fund for stormwater eliminates annual competition for funds within the budget and aids long-range planning for funding of major stormwater improvements.

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1. What is the Stormwater Enterprise Fund?
2. How much is a stormwater utility fee going to cost me?
3. What is the effective date of the stormwater utility fee? When will the first bill go out?
4. What is the annual cost of the city’s Stormwater Management Program?
5. How is the stormwater management program currently funded and what is its annual budget?
6. What will the Stormwater Enterprise Fund pay for?
7. Who has to pay the fee?
8. Do other Virginia jurisdictions have a Stormwater Enterprise Fund?
9. What is the Watershed Management Plan?
10. What is the condition of the city’s stormwater system?
11. What is going on with the Chesapeake Bay and how does that impact the city?
12. Isn't stormwater already cleaned at the sewage treatment plant?