Why do substandard lots exist in the city?
Substandard lots in the city were created by recordation of a deed or subdivision prior to February 14, 1944, when the city's first Zoning Ordinance was adopted. In many cases in the 1930s and 1940s, an individual would purchase 2 adjacent lots and then construct a single house straddling the 2 adjacent lots. Subsequent amendments to the zoning ordinance rendered these individual lots substandard.

In recent years, the increased demand for housing has resulted in numerous older homes, which were built on more than 1 substandard lot, to be torn down and 2 homes built on the remaining smaller substandard lots. The smaller, substandard lots developed in the R-1A and R-1B zones exceed the density levels of 4 and 6 units per acre specified in the city's Comprehensive Plan. This has resulted in some single family neighborhoods being developed with a greater density than called for in the Comprehensive Plan.

The city's Zoning Ordinance should implement and preserve the residential densities as outlined in the city's Comprehensive Plan, and also shown on the Future Land Use Map. The proposed change to the Zoning Ordinance with regard to the development of substandard lots will close a loophole that conflicts with the intent and densities of the Comprehensive Plan and, therefore, is appropriate for consideration.

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