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Vehicle Registration Form (for City Decal)


  1. 1. Vehicle Registration
  2. 2. Owner/Lessee Information
  3. 3. Co-Owner/Co-Lessee Information
  4. 4. Contact Information
  5. 5. Leasing Company Information (Lessor)
  6. 6. Military Exemption
  7. 7. Vehicle Information
  8. 8. Garaged Address
  9. 9. Vehicle Disposition
  10. 10. Confirmation
  • Vehicle Registration

    1. STOP!
      Your vehicle must be garaged in a City of Falls Church jurisdictional address to continue. The City listed on your mailing address is not necessarily the same as your jurisdiction. Falls Church City is a 2.02 square mile jurisdiction that does not include the greater mailing area of Falls Church. You can validate your jurisdiction by visiting the link below. You cannot submit a registration through this site for another jurisdiction! Any such registration attempts will be discarded. For example, an address in Pimitt Hills will say Falls Church for the City mailing address, however all addresses in Pimitt Hills are actually under the jurisdiction of Fairfax County.
    2. City of Falls Church Motor Vehicle Registration
      Use this form to register your owned or leased vehicle for personal property tax and to receive a City of Falls Church Vehicle Decal. After submission a Temporary Decal will be mailed to you in 3-5 days and MUST be displayed immediately to avoid citation until the Yearly Decal is received. Failure to display a decal within 60 days of the vehicle entering the City may result in citation by enforcement.
    3. Vehicle Decal Sample