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Building & Trade Permit Inspection Request

  1. Request Inspection(s)
    This form is to request inspection on issued building and/or trade permits. Fill out everything below and click the "Submit" button. The form will be submitted to the permit staff for processing. Within a few business hours (8:00 - 5:00) you will receive an e-mail confirming the date and approximate time of the inspection. You do not have a confirmed inspection until you receive this reply e-mail!
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  3. Additional Help, General
    When you submit this form, it sends an e-mail to the staff of the Development Services Counter. Staff then processes the request and e-mails back with the date and time. We will try to accommodate requests for a specific day, but there may be no time available that day.

    You can speed up filling out this form if you create an account on the web site. Your name, phone number and e-mail will fill in automatically. If set your account mailing address to your job address, it will fill in automatically as well. An account is not required to schedule inspections.

  4. You may request a date no sooner than the next business day. If you do not request a specific date, we will schedule the inspection at the first available date and time.
  5. Additional Help, Date
    You must request an inspection at least one day in advance. We will schedule inspections for the next business day if possible, but cannot guarantee availability.

    If you request an inspection for an unavailable date we will schedule it for the next available slot.

  6. Additional Help, Permit Number
    The permit number is printed in the upper-right corner of every issued permit. Each job will generally have a single number for all permits issued for that job. (Complex jobs may have multiple numbers.) The permit number will start with the year of initial application, followed by four more digits, e.g., "20210123".
  7. Type(s) of Inspection*

    Select one or more inspection types. Please coordinate inspections and request once to schedule everything that will be ready. We cannot accommodate requests to add additional scope of work to an already-scheduled inspection.

  8. Addtional Help, Inspection Type
    The most important thing when scheduling inspections is to coordinate all work at the job site and schedule once for all work ready to be inspected. All City inspectors are combination inspectors, meaning they can inspect all types of work.

    Only one inspection appointment may be scheduled at a time, whether it is for one type of inspection or several. Only after the inspection is completed may another be requested. In other words, you may schedule just close-in electrical, or you may schedule close-in for all trades and framing all at once. You may not request on Monday to schedule close-in electric on Tuesday, framing on Wednesday and insulation on Thursday all in advance.

    A fee of $55.00 will be charged for same-day cancellations or if the work is clearly not ready for inspection.

  9. must follow the format ###-###-####
  10. Additional Help, Person on Site
    The City requires someone to be at the site and meet the inspector. It is best if this is someone who did the work, as the inspector may have questions about the work. The inspector will provide written results to this person at the conclusion of the inspection. If there is nobody on site to meet the inspector, there is a $55.00 fee assessed.
  11. Please Note: Submitting this form does not mean you have an inspection scheduled. Your inspection is not scheduled until you receive an e-mail reply confirming the inspection.
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